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  • olivespic-

    Olive harvest

    The time has come on my Portuguese smallholding for the annual olive harvest. It’s time-consuming work and the weather’s usually rubbish, but there’s something quite sacred about harvesting this ancient...

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  • Pigs

    Building a Piglu

    If I'd ever been asked what a pig's preferred sleeping arrangements might be, I'd probably have scratched my head. I suppose I might have imagined those arch shaped pig houses...

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  • chicken-featured

    A brush with death

    It all started with an awful sound – a terrified screeching. I tore outside to see a large buzzard flying skyward from the garden. There in the grass lay poor...

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  • Jemima as Tank Girl by Nikki Hedley

    Battling villains

    I’ve always felt rather akin to the cult comic book character Tank Girl… if more in terms of her sense of style than her life struggle. But now I have...

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  • Caterpillar-featured

    Creepy crawlies and hairy horrors!

    If you worry about dangerous creepy crawlies in southern Europe you might jump straight to the old classics – spiders and scorpions – but in reality the one you need...

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  • Let’s hear it for linen

    Let’s hear it for linen

    Linen's twice the life of cotton, doesn’t shrink, is easy to cultivate, holds dyes well, and is resistant to moths and beetles. And it looks great!

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  • Jemima

    Expect the unexpected

    More new from the Beira region of Portugal … Jemima blogs about the “good life” … and admits that self-sufficiency is not as easy as you might have thought. Living...

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  • Jem 2 Main Pic


    Jemima chose to leave her city life in Bristol, UK, to live sustainably, off-grid in the foothills of the Estrela Mountains of central Portugal. It has been a steep learning...

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  • Emily's Top 10 pic NHS

    Emily’s Top 10 for reducing packaging

    Reduce: Take a hessian bag shopping and fill with loose vegetables and fruit. Reuse: Reuse any plastic packaging your fruit and veg comes in. Recycle: At the supermarket, look for...

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  • © Metricman/Flickr

    Time to pack in the packaging

    By Emily Keal Supermarkets worldwide are guilty of using excessive packaging, especially plastic. This consumes huge amounts of energy and natural resources – around 8 per cent of the world’s...

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