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  • Olympic Stadium CGI

    One-Planet Olympics: Energy

    The Olympic Park’s efficient, low-carbon heating and cooling systems are powered by a brand-new Energy Centre. It features a 3 megawatt biomass boiler that uses both natural gas and sustainably...

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  • © David Poultney–London 2012

    One-Planet Olympics: Green buildings

    The London 2012 Olympic Stadium was designed to use far less steel than traditional stadiums, making it the lightest Olympic stadium in history. It also features concrete with 40 per...

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  • (c)-NASA-featured

    One-planet Olympics

    Earthlings are, on average, consuming 50 per cent more natural resources than the planet’s ecosystems can replenish. To help bring consumption back into line with what Earth can supply sustainably,...

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  • (c)-Szulics-Miklos-featured

    Respect, friendship, excellence

    Pál Schmitt, former President of Hungary and an Olympic gold-medal winner (Team épée, 1968 and 1972), is the founder president of the International Olympic Committee’s Sport and Environment Commission. TUNZA...

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  • Min Wang, 2008 Beijing Olympic events poster

    Sustainable development and the Olympics 3

    Timeline of the common ground between the global goal of sustainable development and the Olympic Movement. 2007 The International Olympic Committee receives the UNEP Champion of the Earth Award in...

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  • © IOC

    Sustainable development and the Olympics 2

    Timeline of the common ground between the global goal of sustainable development and the Olympic Movement. 1996 The Olympic Charter adopts the environment as the third pillar of Olympism, together...

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  • Original 1972 Olympics poster by Jacob Lawrence

    Sustainable development and the Olympics 1

    Back in the 1890s, the founder of the modern Olympic Movement, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, saw sport as an important means of achieving social and economic development, and believed that...

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  • © impossible2Possible

    Challenge yourself

    Endurance runner Ray Zahab had an epiphany when he touched the Red Sea at the end of his 111-day, 7,500-kilometre run across the Sahara in 2007 – a journey documented...

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  • (c)-Troy-Constable-Mystify-Me-Photography-featured

    Green stars 7

    Robert Kelly Slater, 11 times World Champion surfer, is passionate about preserving oceans globally. He works to raise funds for Reef Check, a collective working to protect and rehabilitate coral...

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  • (c)-Swim-with-Dolphins-flickr-featured

    Green stars 6

    Jorge Guzmán Rodríguez, known as El hijo del Santo, is, like his father, one of the stars of Lucha Libre, a form of wrestling popular in Mexico. But he has...

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