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  • Mycorrhizal fungi

    7. Mycorrhizal fungi

    7 wonders of the soil Every handful of soil can host thousands of fungi species, of which there are at least a million. Best known for breaking down organic matter,...

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  • Cellular slime moulds

    6. Cellular slime moulds

    7 wonders of the soil Neither plant nor animal nor fungus, Dictyostelium discoideum is a cellular slime mould, a microscopic amoeba that normally lives independently in the soil, eating decaying...

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  • Water bears

    5. Water bears

    7 wonders of the soil The tiny and incredibly hardy water bear is often found in the film of water in soils, but can survive anywhere – ocean sediments, below...

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  • Scarabaeus laticollis

    4. Dung beetles

    7 wonders of the soil The humble dung beetle relies almost exclusively on faeces, playing a crucial role in keeping the soil fertile and lowering levels of the greenhouse gas...

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  • Nematodes

    3. Nematodes

    7 wonders of the soil There are probably at least a million different species of nematode living everywhere from the surface of the soil to the roots of plants. These...

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  • Actinomyces israelii

    2. Actinomycetes

    7 wonders of the soil A spoonful of soil can contain as many as a billion bacteria. We often think of them as ‘germs’, but these single-celled organisms are crucial...

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  • Acacia trees

    1. Acacia trees

    7 wonders of the soil In arid regions drought, overgrazing, intensive farming, mining and de-forestation can turn once-fertile land into desert. One way to restore the soil is to plant...

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  • Team spirit

    Team spirit

    In India, cricket is more than a game and can inspire people to take collective action. The Indian Premier League (IPL) team Royal Challengers of Bangalore understood this and reached...

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  • Marchena2

    In defence of Spain

    Central defender Carlos Marchena, who currently plays for Villarreal CF and Spain, has won almost every honour football has to offer. FIFA U-20 World Cup (1999), a silver medal at...

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  • Getting Dirty

    Getting Dirty

    Every year at the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy conference in Leverkusen, a visit to a mobile laboratory and classroom powered by a photovoltaic roof is a highlight for the young...

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