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  • © Skylar Tibbits and Arthur Olson

    Let’s hear it for nature 2

    Stuff that could make itself Nature constructs itself, a process that fascinates architect and computer scientist Skylar Tibbits.  ‘There are no sledgehammers for proteins; there are no screwdrivers for DNA. So...

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  • © Elaine Ng Yan Ling

    Let’s hear it for nature 1

    Innovators are ever more aware that we rely on Earth’s complex, natural systems for our well-being, so they are tuning in, finding ways to meet human needs while working with...

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  • © The Arduino

    When consumers become creators 4

    Exciting kit 3D printers How about a machine that builds – layer by layer – three-dimensional objects from plastics, metals, nylon, recycled paper, ceramics, chocolate and even living tissue? The technology has...

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  • © Paul Granjon

    When consumers become creators 3

    Making … being the change? The Maker philosophy, while still growing, is a shift to a culture of creation rather than consumption. It promotes peer-to-peer skills sharing and face-to-face, community-based...

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  • © Maker Faire Africa

    When consumers become creators 2

    Maker Faire Africa Tunza spoke to Jennifer Wolfe, co-organizer of Maker Faire Africa. ‘Making things in Africa, processing our own raw materials, is one of our continent’s most formidable challenges....

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  • © Maker Faire Africa

    When consumers become creators 1

    What happens when craft collides with technology? In North America, Europe and beyond, people are rediscovering the satisfaction of making things – but with a technological twist. This new trend...

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  • ©

    Open to all 4

    Open access to source codes The source code of open-source software is freely available to the public. Users who modify it share the improvements they make – finding and eliminating...

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  • Open resources

    Open to all 3

    Open resources - Anyone can upload or download user-created digital design files – instructions for making real-life objects – for free from Thingiverse. It’s a vast resource for anyone...

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  • © Oliver Berg Newscom

    Open to all 2

    The Kinect phenomenon In 2010, the Kinect – a gesture-based videogame controller for the Microsoft Xbox 360 – was a breakthrough device, allowing players to control a game by moving...

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  • © William W. Ward 2012

    Open to all 1

    In the last two decades, the open-source movement – the free sharing of knowledge – has grown across the worlds of software, hardware and beyond. But what does the term...

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