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    Tired of consuming?

    Why not build your own civilization? Polish-American farmer and technologist Marcin Jakubowski abandoned his original field of study – fusion energy – to create the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS)....

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  • © WWF Living Planet Report 2012

    7 Global changes – Ecological footprint

    7: Ecological footprint What’s your footprint? Nearly everyone understands this term as a general indication of each individual’s impact on our planet’s resources. A statistical method originally developed by Mathis...

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  • Electronic communication

    7 Global changes – Electronic communication

    6: Electronic communication Fewer than 20 years ago, email and videoconferencing had us imagining a future with paperless offices. Today, we may still use paper, but take instant, global communication...

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  • © James Gathany/CDC

    7 Global changes – POPs

    5: POPs Chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants, or POPs, include pesticides such as DDT, industrial chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and dioxins and furans – by-products of industrial...

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  • Ecolables

    7 Global changes – Ecolables

    4: Ecolables It’s not easy for environmentally conscious consumers to work out the relative impact of their choices. But ecolabels – which typically indicate independently certified standards of production –...

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  • © Chensiyuan/GNU-FDL

    7 Global changes – National parks

    3: National parks National parks haven’t been with us long. In 1864, US President Abraham Lincoln signed over to the State of California the care of what would later become...

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  • © M. Vincent & E. Studlet/Biosphoto/Still Pictures

    7 Global changes – Unleaded petrol

    2: Unleaded petrol In the early 1920s, chemists added lead to petrol to help vehicle engines run more smoothly. Though it was a known toxin, the risk to health was...

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  • © NASA

    7 Global changes – The ozone layer

    Trying to effect positive environmental change sometimes feels like pushing a very large rock up a very large mountain. But good things DO happen. Here are a few examples of...

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  • © UNEP/Topham

    Let’s hear it for nature 4

    A new leaf Solar energy is the basis of life on Earth. All over our planet, plants photosynthesize, using their amazing and complex ability to harvest sunlight and channel it...

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  • © Art is Open Source

    Let’s hear it for nature 3

    The teaching woods When urban people walk into a wood, many don’t see it as an abundant source of food, energy and medicine, much less how to use these respectfully...

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