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  • Caring_construction

    From metropolis to megalopolis 2

    Here are a few creative examples addressing some of the many possible qualities that might help make a city more sustainable. Caring construction PassivHaus is a construction standard that produces...

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  • From metropolis to megalopolis - Abandoned buildings

    From metropolis to megalopolis 1

    Centres of cultural activity, engines of wealth and technological innovation, but also of poverty and environmental degradation, cities embody both the world’s greatest hope and its greatest challenge to sustainable...

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  • Barefoot College solar engineers - solar 2

    Barefoot College solar engineers

    Across 751 villages in India, more than 14,800 fixed solar energy units have been created, installed, repaired and maintained, lighting thousands of households and schools and benefiting hundreds of thousands...

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  • micro-hydro lh1000a

    Small is beautiful

    No power? No problem! Here are a few green solutions that people have implemented as alternatives to a standard grid infrastructure. Solar salt-to-freshwater In the Maldives and other off-grid island...

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    A slice of sun to power two continents

    If there’s one thing Africa has plenty of, it’s sun. The Sahara desert – which measures 9 million square kilometres – receives as much energy from the sun in six hours...

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  • Power

    Power to the people

    There’s bad news and good news. The bad news is that we still rely primarily on fossil fuels for energy – which accounts for around 60 per cent of all...

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  • M&S

    Plan A

    How can big business tackle sustainability? Mike Barry, head of sustainable business at the world’s 40th largest retailer, Marks & Spencer, says just do it. ‘I often hear three attitudes...

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  • Down to Business

    Down to business

    When Jason Clay of WWF (the global conservation organization) wanted to change the world’s consumption habits, he had some decisions to make. With so much being consumed, what do you...

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  • The mobile revolution 3

    The mobile revolution 3

    In developing economies, mobiles are most famously being used as an alternative to traditional banking, enabling people to send and receive money. They’re also used to buy and sell goods,...

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  • Mobile revolution 2

    The mobile revolution 2

    Mobile phones have emerged as an important economic tool for millions living in less developed, rural or remote areas, with little or no access to traditional bank infrastructure or the...

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