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    A portrait of home

    Yann Arthus-Bertrand has made documenting the grandeur and beauty of Earth his life’s work. Born in 1946, the French photographer, film maker, environmentalist and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador started photographing wildlife...

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  • Cork

    Campaigning for cork

    Cork has been the main material of wine stoppers since 1700. But in recent years, plastic stoppers and screw caps have gained a stake in the global market. TUNZA looked into the issues...
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  • Silkworms

    7 forest wonders: 1 Silk worms

    It all began, Confucius tells us, when a Chinese empress accidentally dropped a silkworm moth cocoon into her cup of tea in 2640 BC and discovered that a fine fibre...

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  • Salix alba leaves

    7 forest wonders: 3 White willow

    It’s probably the best known pharmaceutical in the world – and it’s certainly one of the most useful. Aspirin comes from the bark of the deciduous white willow tree (Salix...

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  • Nest

    7 forest wonders: 4 Bird’s nests

    It takes 45 days for southeast Asian swiftlets (Collocalia spp.) to build their nests, using their own saliva, on the walls of tropical forest caves, but they can be consumed...

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  • Bamboo

    7 forest wonders: 5 Bamboo

    You wouldn’t think it, but it’s a kind of grass. Bamboo is also one of the most rapidly growing plants on the planet, with some species growing an extraordinary 1.2...

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  • Boswellia sacra

    7 forest wonders: 6 Frankincense

    The wise men seem to have lived up to their name, for frankincense – one of the three gifts they brought to the infant Jesus, along with gold and myrrh...

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  • Sugar maple

    7 forest wonders: 7 Sugar maple

    Yes, it’s delicious… but maple syrup is also more nutritious than other refined sugars, containing manganese, riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc. Long before the arrival of European settlers, indigenous...

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  • Forest A

    What makes a forest a forest?

    Virtually all Europe’s forests are actively managed, with a high proportion certified for sustainable timber production. © Scevenels/UNEP The vast boreal forests of the northern hemisphere have relative

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  • Forest

    What makes a forest a forest?

    We all know forests are hugely important places. But why exactly should we care about them? And what, in fact, are they? Oddly, the second question is rather harder to...

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