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  • Wild-Bird-Trust

    The salvation of the world

    The salvation of the world Wild Bird Trust Each year, South African ornithologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Steve Boyes and his team pole themselves 250 kilometers in dugout canoes...

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  • Group shot

    Join the Green Team!

    Brazilian Jeanne Martins didn’t join a Green Team, she set one up. Together with some fellow law students from Rio de Janeiro she started the Green Law Project to raise...

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  • Kevin Lee

    Playing a part in tomorrow’s world

    While at university, Singaporean chemical engineering student and 2014 Bayer Youth Environmental Leader Kevin Lee decided to experiment with developing green materials. Now he’s developed a cement composite that incorporates...

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  • Bayer Young Environmental Envoys 2013

    Biomimicry at its best

    2013 Bayer Young Environmental Leader, Claudia Escobar, is working to provide cheap solar energy in her country, Costa Rica. She told Tunza about her research and her ambitions. The growing...

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  • peas

    Reducing pollution, improving livelihoods

    Everyone loves stylish leather clothes, shoes and accessories. But industrial leather production is tough on the environment – it uses lots of water and harmful tanning compounds including chromium salts,...

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  • Forestry

    Fundamental forestry

    Industrial engineer turned eco-entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma tells TUNZA about growing thriving native forests anywhere in the world  – efficiently, rapidly and successfully. Back in 2008, Akira Miyawaki came to the...

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  • changing lives

    Changing lives

    Africa’s smallholder farmers can grow barely enough to feed themselves. Now, after almost two decades of trial, error, and close observation, Paul Seward has hit upon a winning formula to...

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  • Crime

    No two ways, it’s CRIME

    Two years ago, when the poaching of elephants, rhinos and tigers skyrocketed, WWF, the global conservation organization, and TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoringtrade-monitoring network, launched a campaign to mobilize global...

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  • Blackbuck

    Focus on biodiversity

    Rohit Pansare was a Bayer Young Environmental Envoy in 2008. Recently, we noticed that he had been posting spectacular wildlife photographs on Facebook, and caught up with him to find...

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  • Songbird

    CSI Songbird

    Brazilian gene detective Juliana Machado Ferreira studies the DNA of songbirds to trace their geographic origins, piecing together how wildlife trafficking affects specific bird populations and habitats. Juliana told TUNZA...

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