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  • GreenJobs7

    Green jobs, green options: Music and entertainment

    Musicians and celebrities worry not only about lyrics, melodies and performances; they are also using their popularity to campaign and raise awareness of environmental issues. And, to practise what they...

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  • Wonders7

    7 Steps into the future: 7

    Solar tunnel Trains are a relatively climate-friendly way to travel, but still use an enormous amount of energy. Currently, this comes from diesel or electricity – the latter typically supplied...

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  • GreenJobs6

    Green jobs, green options: Finance

    Finance hasn’t recently enjoyed much global popularity. But it is possible to work in this sector and be a key actor in the promotion of green economies around the world....

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  • Wonders6

    7 Steps into the future: 6

    Hybrid vigour Every environmentally aware driver wants a Prius hybrid, which runs on petrol and electricity. But that may change as Volvo launches the V60 Diesel Hybrid – the world’s...

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  • GreenJobs5 featured

    Green jobs, green options: Fashion

    The Urban Renewal line in Urban Outfitters’ more than 20-year-old collection of vintage clothing and accessories made from recycled fabrics is just one example of how the fashion industry is...

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  • Kibera Slum Farm, Nairobi

    Green jobs, green options: Agriculture

    The challenge for agriculture is huge – we have to double agricultural production in the coming years if we are to feed the growing world population. But agriculture can also...

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  • Wonders5

    7 Steps into the future: 5

    Water and power Desalination plants play a vital role in arid regions such as the Middle East, but the process is extremely energy intensive and expensive. Meanwhile in water-short China,...

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  • © jjldickinson - Ecologico-Logic

    7 Steps into the future: 4

    Waste not Plant debris, paper and everyday municipal solid waste can take years to break down in landfill, emitting methane. The Muncher, a newly developed aerobic organic waste compost system,...

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  • GreenJobs3

    Green jobs, green options: Gastronomy and hospitality

    Today, sustainable gastronomy focuses on the ecological footprint of the food. ‘Think globally – eat locally’ is the slogan of the C5 Lounge in Toronto, Canada. It tries to use...

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  • GreenJobs2 Yolanda Kakabadse

    Green jobs, green options: Politics

    One of the indicators of how politics is embracing environmental imperatives is the way that green parties have proliferated: between 1999 and 2011 their number increased from 24 to 90...

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