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    A model for life

    ‘The environment has always been my passion. Mother Earth is our fundamental life-support system, and by becoming aware and responsible now, we can help preserve the planet.’ You’d know Gisele...

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    Here are just a few of Gisele’s eco-tips

    Reduce your computer’s emissions: Reduce CO2 emissions by setting your PC to sleep when idle, letting the system hibernate until you come back. Water tank health: Keep your water tank...

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    Noah’s green ark Nothing could survive without plants. They are the foundation for most of Earth’s ecosystems, help regulate the climate, and provide building materials, medicines, fuel, clean water and...

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    The water challenge 1

    More than 1.5 billion people live in countries suffering from water scarcity, which is when supplies drop below an average of 2,750 litres per person per day. This hampers food...

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  • Water 2

    The water challenge 2

    Ion towers A company in Abu Dhabi is attempting rainmaking using arrays of 10-metre towers that emit ions – negatively charged particles – which attach to cloud condensation nuclei, particles...

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  • Rice pickers

    The water challenge 3

    Dry rice Farmers around the world are beginning to adopt rice production methods that require less water than the traditional paddy field. Seedlings are planted very young and the ground...

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  • COPs

    From despair to hope

    By Linh Do, Tunza Youth Advisory Council member for Asia and the Pacific. I attended the last two big United Nations Climate Change Conferences – in Copenhagen and Cancun

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  • steth

    Creating a movement

    Renzo Guinto, medical student, environmental advocate and Bayer Young Environmental Envoy 2007, thinks the global health and environmental movements should join forces, and explains how young doctors from around the...

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  • NASA

    Health and climate change 1

    ‘Climate change will steal your future. Shrink your carbon footprint: improve your health!’ That’s the World Health Organization’s message to the world’s youth. Everybody will be affected by climate change....

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    Health and climate change 2

    Food, water and sanitation: In 1995 the number of people suffering chronic hunger and malnutrition – mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia – reached its lowest point of 800...

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