Youthful designs

Youthful designs

Learn from the ideas of the Bayer Young Environmental Envoys.

If you are interested in any of their ideas, could help develop them, or want to do something similar where you are, please contact us through Facebook ( and we’ll put you in touch.

Want to be an eco-tourist?

When you visit a place, how do you find out where you can hire a bike or get involved in car-sharing. And what are the best eco-spots to vist? Send for SaeIn Lee and Young Beom Kim from the Republic of Korea’s Iwhwa and Inha Universities. Together they have researched and produced an eco-map of Seoul for locals and tourists alike. Does your city need one? Ask Lee and Kim how they did it!

Trash – cash and jobs

Buenos Aires University student Florencia Goldstein works at #DesignNoTrash, a design studio which has developed Pisotapitas, a postmodern mosaic made of discarded screw caps from plastic bottles. Pisotapitas are sold in sheets that are ready to be placed on either floor or wall, inside or out, for example by being a feature in a garden patio. They are also used to make big designs and advertisements for international companies. Brilliant 4Rs in action. Go on, YOU could do something similar. Remember, trash is the new resource!

Jobs from junk

Ever thought what happens to all that cooking oil we use? Chia Wen Shin from Universiti Putra Malaysia did, and found out that a lot was just thrown down drains, polluting water and blocking sewers. So, she started collecting it and separating the glycerine and the oil. She has set up a social enterprise making soap from the glycerine and sells the oil to biodiesel makers. She buys the oil by paying with soap for washing dishes, but also makes soap for bathing – and it is GREAT, good-quality soap. Shin has already set up a company, so look out for this new Queen of Soap from Kuala Lumpur.

Preventing pollution

China’s air pollution has made big news, and caused offices and schools to close down this winter. Quin Huang, a student at China’s University of Mining and Technology in Bejing, is doing her bit to improve matters. She has developed a device to collect particulates (PM) from the air in factories and mines, reducing dangerous pollution in the work place and ensuring that the wider population has cleaner air.

Green building

As part of his chemical engineering studies at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, Adrian Kho Jia Wei has been researching integrating plastic and wood waste into cement mixes (conventional cement production is a massive emitter of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas). The result? Adrian has developed a product that is cheaper than cement, provides better insulation, recycles plastic waste – AND reduces carbon dioxide emissions. I’d say that’s a 4Rs win-win-win-win.

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