What YOU are doing

Oscar Muñoz Cofré (Chile) creates job opportunities by collecting good-quality bottles from rubbish tips and turning them into tableware and jewellery in his Green Glass workshop. He’s now targeting markets in North America, and hopes to open glass workshops elsewhere in both South and North America.

Swapnil Kokate (India) has designed an electricity-free egg incubator, currently in the patent process. It uses a special ‘heat-humidity buffer box’, a metal box heated by hot water to keep eggs at the right temperature for hatching. This makes producing chickens more affordable for small-scale rural farmers who don’t have reliable access to electricity.

Primary school teacher Ruiz Joy Escollar (Philippines) has created a ‘SIM Eco-Kit’ made of rubbish – snack packets, plastic bottles and cartons – that looks and works as a colourful toolkit for teaching children about the environment. She also produces a handbook to help others use recycled materials for teaching and other creative activities.

Wan Nurhidayat (Malaysia) founded the Green Soldier Club at the National Defence University of Malaysia to harness the high energy, organization skills and social profile of the military to lead such environmental campaigns as mangrove tree planting, awareness raising and beach clean-ups.

Joaquín Dufeu Aguirre (Chile) has created a mobile app, GiveO2, which measures your carbon footprint. ‘A lot of people, while they feel green, don’t actually walk the talk,’ he says. ‘GiveO2 is a free app that measures your transport-related carbon footprint – automatically. There’s not even an on/off button! Just carry your iPhone and GiveO2 senses whether you’re biking, walking or travelling by car. It delivers an estimate of your emissions, which you can then neutralize by buying carbon offsets via the app. We also reward users with points whenever they choose greener options, which can be exchanged for discounts in popular retailers.’

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