Severn Suzuki, activist, scientist and speaker

Severn Suzuki, activist, scientist and speaker

© Rolf Bettner 2009

“My wish for 2011 is that we follow the rise of social revolutions on this planet that we are seeing today and demand more hope for the future, demand a way of life that reflects the human values of equity, democracy and sustainability. My wish is for people to see through the old, powerful voices that tell us there is no alternative to a growth-dependent, fossil-fuel economy, that instead we follow innovation and intuition, which have put us on the moon and invented the internet. My wish is that this vision and voice of the world’s youth, over 50 per cent of the globe’s population, becomes a roar loud and beautiful enough for those continuing the old paradigm to find themselves in the past.”

In 1992, Severn caused a sensation when, as a 12 year-old, she addressed delegates at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

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