Only one planet

Living in harmony with the world around us and appreciating just how dependent we are on the natural world are not new ideas. Over the millennia, all sorts of societies have taught them as moral principles.

One Planet Living is a positive vision of a world in which we all live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives within the natural limits of the planet, and still leave sufficient space for wildlife and wilderness.

‘One Planet Living will allow us to make a difference on a scale and with the urgency that all of us now know are absolutely necessary.’ Achim Steiner, Executive Director, UNEP

One Planet Living – THE PRINCIPLES

Zero carbon – Delivering all energy with renewable technologies and making buildings more energy efficient.

Zero waste – Practising the 4Rs: reusing and repairing where possible, reducing waste, and recycling.

Sustainable transport – Encouraging low-carbon modes of transport to reduce emissions, including walking, biking and using public transport.

Sustainable materials – For whatever we do, using sustainable, healthy products, with low embodied energy, sourced locally, and made from renewable or waste resources.

Sustainable water – Using water more efficiently in buildings and in the products we buy; tackling local flooding and water-course pollution.

Local and sustainable food – Choosing low-impact, local and seasonal diets, while reducing food waste.

Land use and wildlife – Protecting and restoring biodiversity and natural habitats through appropriate land use, including in the built environment.

Culture and community – Valuing and reviving local identities and wisdom.

Equity and economy – Ensuring that our economies support fair employment, inclusive communities and fair international trade.

Health and happiness – Encouraging active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and well-being.


‘We only have one planet; London 2012 will respect its ecological limits, its cultural diversity and create a legacy for sport, the environment and the local and global community.’ The London 2012 Olympics

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