Inspiration in Leverkusen

Professor Wolfgang Plischke is a member of the Bayer Board of Management and is responsible for technology, innovation and sustainability. At the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy (BYEE) study week, TUNZA asked him about the pressing environmental issues of our time.

WP: ‘In my opinion, there are three main environmental challenges that affect everyone: climate change, water supplies and the protection of biodiversity. In all three, the focus is on sustainability, so that generations to come have a world worth living in. We must use natural resources with utmost efficiency. We’re moving in the right direction. But there’s still a lot to do. We simply cannot go on living, producing and consuming at the cost of the future.’

TUNZA: What part do you think that science and technology will play?

WP: ‘Science and technology will play a key role, as they drive innovation. But only if we succeed in creating economic, social and ecological benefits will development really be sustainable. I’m always fascinated by the smart ideas our researchers come up with – and their commitment to making these accessible all over the world. These include energy-efficient technologies for the better insulation of houses and effective cooling systems for the transport of food. Everyone should think about new ways of tackling the challenges we’re facing.’

TUNZA: And what are the most important things that young people can do to help?

WP: ‘Be active! Young people will be affected by the decisions being made today, but you are also the decision makers of the future. You will make the difference. So, find out what’s going on, get involved and set an example to others. Many smart young people are already positively influencing the future of their generation – that’s exactly what the Bayer Young Environmental Envoys are doing.’

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Plischke

(R) Bayer

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