Here are just a few of Gisele’s eco-tips

Bundchen2Reduce your computer’s emissions: Reduce CO2 emissions by setting your PC to sleep when idle, letting the system hibernate until you come back.

Water tank health: Keep your water tank covered to keep out insects and small animals that can contaminate water and cause serious diseases.

Help stop wild animal trafficking: There are many different species in a habitat, and they are part of a balanced ecosystem that took millions of years to stabilize. Removing one disrupts the balance. Don‘t buy objects and jewelry ornamented with feathers, and don‘t buy wild animals.

Dispose of cooking oil properly: When poured down the drain, oil forms gluey lumps that block pipes. Besides, just 1 litre of used cooking oil can contaminate 25,000 litres of water. Dispose of oil at appropriate places, where it will be recycled or reused. Oil can be made into soap: 25 litres of oil are enough to produce 120 bars of soap.

Taken together, we will be stronger: With everyone doing their bit, we can do a lot. Environmental preservation is not only up to governments, policy makers and non-governmental organizations. The power of people is limitless.

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