Fuelling the Games : British is best!

The London Olympic Games Organizing Committee (LOGOC) pledged to showcase the ‘Best of British’ during the Games – and what can’t be sourced locally is to come from Fairtrade suppliers.

  • All dairy products, beef, lamb and poultry must be British or of equivalent British standard.
  • All food must be held to the Red Tractor standard – a UK independently certified standard that assures high production quality – as the benchmark standard across meat, fruit, vegetables, salads, cereals and dairy.
  • Bananas, tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar must be Fairtrade or ethically sourced.
  • Eggs must be free range and bear the British Lion mark, which means the eggs have been produced to the highest codes of food safety.
  • All fish must be sustainable, and must exclude all species and stocks identified by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) as ‘fish to avoid’. All wild-caught fish must meet the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.

Encouraging local enterprise

Private caterers from all over London were invited to bid to supply food for the Games. Priority was given to local small and medium-sized enterprises. All caterers are required to comply with the 2012 sustainable food standards, and must be trained in preparing fresh, healthy food. Even fast-food giant McDonald’s – the only corporate food provider at the games – is required to contribute: while it already buys a significant amount of its food, such as eggs, pork and milk, from UK farmers, the chicken it serves at the Games is also to be British sourced.

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