Emily’s Top 10 for reducing packaging

  1. Emily's Top 10 pic NHS

    © NHS

    Reduce: Take a hessian bag shopping and fill with loose vegetables and fruit.

  2. Reuse: Reuse any plastic packaging your fruit and veg comes in.
  3. Recycle: At the supermarket, look for ranges of fruit and vegetables in packaging that can be composted.
  4. Go naked: fruit and vegetables come with their own packaging – their skins! Do your bananas, melons, and leeks really need any more cover?
  5. Sign up for a vegetable box scheme. You’ll have fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door in a cardboard box with no plastic packaging.
  6. Check out your local farmers market, where you can buy seasonal, loose products. Support local shops and buy locally grown fruit and veg.
  7. Why not have a go at growing your own? Try a few herbs in a windowsill or a couple of pots of beans by the back door. This will reduce the amount of plastic you need to use.
  8. Lobby your local supermarket. Tell the manager that you don’t want to buy over-packaged goods.
  9. Write to your local or national leaders about over-packaging and encourage them to raise the issue at government level.
  10. Go for free water – use the tap instead of the bottle.

Emily Keal, 15, was an intern at Tunza magazine in summer 2011. She hopes to make it to Tunza Conference in Bandung, Indonesia this September.


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