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An exciting highlight of the 2010 BYEE conference was the launch of the Bayer Young Environmental Leader Award to encourage environmental projects that demonstrate originality, potential impact and sustainability. Each participating country nominated an Envoy to present a project to a panel of judges, who awarded four projects with special support from Bayer.

Christopher Millora, Philippines

© Bayer

© Bayer

In the Philippines, we don’t underestimate the power of even the smallest member of our family. My project, the Little Ilonggo Environmental Heroes Story Caravan, educates young children about recycling. I travel to local schools to present a puppet show and environmental workshop, entertaining and educating children and offering concrete ways to participate in environmental clean-ups.

The puppet show tells the story of The Little Ilonggo Green Rangers Adventures: The Defeat of Basuramon, which I wrote and published in book form in English, German and three local dialects. It’s about a little boy, Pot Pot, whose barangay – a small community – is being threatened by the evil garbage monster Basuramon. He calls his friends to help fight it, and a magic tree gives them superpowers: Wanda Wallis’s superpower is to pick up rubbish; Ramboy Recycle recycles; Tinay Katubigan cleans waterways; Cora Conservation turns off lights and taps, and Pot Pot the Puno Planter plants trees. Together, they defeat Basuramon and the community becomes beautiful again.

I ask the children: ‘Who wants to be like Wanda Walisse?’ And of course every child wants to be a superhero. I distribute superhero masks, and they zoom around cleaning their school grounds as superheroes!

I’ve reached more than 800 children, and hope to expand into the inner city and provinces. I’ll ask my fellow Envoys from the Philippines to help translate the book into their dialects.

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