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Well, I did warn you!

Sustainable transport

The September edition of Tunza magazine is to be themed to sustainable transport. It is an important issue, so we need to hear your ideas and thoughts about what to include. We want to know what you have done, what you think should be done, and what IS being done where you live.

It’s a vital topic for us all – it’s related to health, as loads of transport options like cars, lorries and buses generate air and noise pollution. And then there’s the issue of obesity and lifestyles. It’s related to consumption: freight on boats, planes, trains and trucks all contribute to CO2 emissions. It’s related to lifestyles: how do you get to school, college or work? And do you go on vacation – how do you get there and how far do you travel?

There are some exciting developments, too. Solar powered flight, for example. Are there any fantastic innovations where you live? You might even be working on one.

Please get in touch with your ideas, or just your willingness to get involved through art or answering some questions. You can contact us via this blog, or send us a message through Facebook (

And while you’re there – tell us what you think of a new look for the cover of Tunza magazine. There are two options for the cover of the sustainable transport issue below. Tell us which you prefer … or whether you hate them both? I hope not!

Cover A

Cover B

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