A week of inspiration


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by Cassandra Lin (13), USA and Ella Cunnison (12), UK

The UNEP Tunza Children and Youth Conference was tough, but inspirational and exciting, too. We all contributed to the Bandung Declaration, ensuring that leaders attending Rio+20 will hear children’s voices, helped plant Bandung’s first city forest, and got to experience Indonesia’s traditional music, toys and crafts. Here’s what some of us had to say about the week’s experience.

Maryam Nisywa (15), Indonesia

‘It was great to see so many kids from around the world enjoying my home city.’

Stephen Njoroge (11), Kenya

‘I feel like I‘ve done something important for the world, but actions speak louder than words, so I would like to do something practical.’

Pritish Taval (14), India

‘Sustainable development is our only future. Natural resources are being used up day by day, so we need to find alternatives for a better and safer future.‘

Shakeem Goddard (14), St Lucia

‘When we ask our parents to buy us stuff, we are part of the economy – so we can participate in the green economy, too. I feel privileged to have contributed to the Bandung Declaration, not many children have the opportunity to do that.’

Andrea Nava (13), Guatemala

‘Remember we have to save our planet because it is the only one that we have.’

Ella Cunnison (12), UK

‘We, the younger generation, promised to make the world a more sustainable place. I’m proud to have been a delegate and hope all we’ve done here will be noticed by world leaders at Rio+20.’

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